JCL Equipment Sales: Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign construction equipment in Montana and California

About JCL Equipment Sales

The core element of our business is to find a good deal within our chosen industry. This is accomplished by attending equipment auctions, working with scrap metal companies, consigning inventory from construction companies, brokering deals between buyers and sellers, and much more. We market primarily to equipment end-users and other equipment brokers on a global scale.

Few industries have been harder hit in the recent economic downturn than the domestic construction industry. Interestingly enough, the same events that revealed just how fragile much of the economy is, also revealed the strength and flexibility of the JCL business strategy. Having a global pool of both clients and suppliers has allowed us to buy low from depressed areas and sell high in areas with a demand for our inventory.

Form of Ownership: Mark & Debbe, Inc DBA JCL Sales is a Nevada Based Corporation.

Company History: Mark & Debbe, Inc DBA JCL Sales has existed as a corporation for six years and as an operational company since 2005. It started as a simple reselling operation (buying heavy equipment from auction and reselling for a profit). Over the years, JCL has grown to selling world wide with excellent customer satisfaction.