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Our company is an extension of a family history of buying and selling equipment for over 50 years. We are headquartered in Kalispell, MT. with additional locations in or near Phoenix, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT and Los Angeles, CA. Formally, JCL Sales has been in business for six years and has been profitable from the first quarter of Year One.

Our locations are conveniently located near major highways as well as airports and seaports. Our customers are very important to us and we strive to provide them with personal attention as we supply their equipment needs.

JCL Sales is essentially a heavy equipment marketing company. JCL Sales buys, sells and consigns heavy equipment, trucks, trailers and parts for domestic and international customers and has developed a formula for effectively finding buyers for a broad range of machinery.

The JCL Sales marketing strategy uses a combination of:
  • Print Advertising
  • Internet advertising
  • Global Broker network
  • Detailed Global client database

We have an inventory and advertising sales process that is unparalleled. We provide potential buyers with numerous and detailed photos, a complete and detailed inspection, video of the machine in operation showing each function or feature, a video walk-around and live internet video streaming with clients who can request a particular angle or a closer look at specific items.

Most inventory items are brought to our yards for storage, inventory, and maintenance until sale and shipment. After each sale we help the buyer arrange shipping (including breakdown/containerizing for overseas shipping if necessary). We also have a network of mechanics who provide on-site inspections, repairs and spare parts.

JCL Sales manages all financial and documentation procedures of every sale and have developed strict anti-fraud policies regarding acceptable forms of payment and shipping. We do not release any items to buyers that have not yet been paid in full.

JCL Sales has experience with selling a broad range of Heavy Equipment and construction related machinery (an extensive but not exhaustive list is shown below).

General Company Description

Mission Statement: Deal fairly and honestly with all of our clients. Good relationships build good business. We believe we deal in People and Relationships first, machines are a by-product.

Summary: JCL Sales, Inc has gone through several mutations since its inception, always operating within the same basic industry, Construction Equipment and Materials.

The core element of the business is, put simply, to find a good deal within our chosen industry. This is accomplished by attending equipment auctions, working with scrap metal companies, consigning inventory from construction companies, brokering deals between buyers and sellers, and much more.

We market primarily to equipment end-users and other equipment brokers on a global scale.

Few industries have been harder hit in the recent economic downturn than the domestic construction industry. Interestingly enough, the same events that revealed just how fragile much of the economy is, also revealed the strength and flexibility of the JCL business strategy. Having a global pool of both clients and suppliers has allowed us to buy low from depressed areas and sell high in areas with a demand for our inventory.

Form of Ownership: Mark & Debbe , Inc DBA JCL Sales is a Nevada Based Corporation.

Company History: Mark & Debbe , Inc DBA JCL Sales has existed as a corporation for six years and as an operational company since 2005. It started as a simple reselling operation (buying heavy equipment from auction and reselling for a profit). Over the years, JCL has grown to selling world wide with excellent customer satisfaction.

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